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The UK Scene

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Babylon 5 Introduction

This section is devoted to Babylon 5, one of the most intriguing science fiction shows of the 1990s. It was the first to use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) exclusively for exterior shots of spacecraft and the Babylon station itself. These effects were also cleverly used for interior shots. The Star Trek series now use Babylon 5's original effects crew for their effects work! However, this is about as much as I want to say about the series here - read the UK scene page for more details about the series and this site's treatment of it. As the show has actually ended now, this section is effectively static and here for old time's sake...

Babylon 5 and Crusade videos are available from BlackStar. Speaking of which, you'll notice that I don't deal with Crusade, the short lived spin off series, here - mainly because these pages are mainly about my personal experience of the show rather than details of the shows themselves. However, there is now a link to the new TV movie in production 2001 - have a look at the links page.


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