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The Adamantium Archipelago

Please note: The Star Fleet section of this site can now be found at - the Star Fleet X Bomber homepage. Due to the popularity of the Star Fleet site, I'm not really updating the Archipelago as much as I used to - although I'll still respond to queries and will return to it from time to time. If you enjoy the Archipelago, please feel free to visit the Support SFXB page as that will prompt me to keep both sites going! If you've come here on a nostalgia trip you could try:

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to see if you can find something to revisit your childhood. Now, for some other messages!

There are various ways of navigating around this site and exploring what it has to offer. The fastest way to get to a particular section, if your browser has javascript capability, is to use the drop down list above. Click on the arrow, pick a topic and away you go.

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If you have any difficulties, let me know by email or you can leave a comment and then come back here using the link on the comments page.

The best place to start would be the About This Site page which will tell you more about what you can find in the Adamantium Archipelago. If you enjoy reading these pages, please think about registering with BlackStar if you're in the UK, even if you don't want to buy anything - it'll help persuade me to keep adding to the site! There are "reminders" about this at the bottom of each page on the site. Hope to hear from you soon!

(Note to reader - last quick update was to fix a problem with the way IE 6 will have been rendering the site - so it now inherits some of the properties of SFXB in terms of cascading style sheets).

Andy Thomas, Webmaster

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